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. . . t h e   b a y   a r e a ' s   p o l e   d a n c e   f i t n e s s   s t u d i o   f o r   w o m e n . . .
  • to be inspirational and motivational to each student so that she may discover her unique beauty through the art of pole dancing.

  • allow each woman to grow and get fit in a non-competitive supportive environment.
  • create a safe, encouraging space for all women to gain confidence and feel stunning, regardless of shape and size.
  • help each woman to be truly amazing in their dance and allow them to be comfortable in their own skin.

At Entangle & Sway we believe that all women should have the opportunity to be breathtaking while getting fit!  We trust in the beauty of all women and pole dancing allows us to celebrate each individual’s uniqueness.  Providing a place where all the worries of the day disappear and all focus can be on you.  We celebrate the female figure, whatever size, age and shape.  All women should get a chance to feel sexy and gorgeous.
Free your mind.  Be powerful, be mysterious.  Be risqué, be feminine! 
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